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Past Events
  • Devotional - May 2023
    21 mai, 19:30 UTC−5
    Zoom Meeting
    A Conversation with Christian Kimball, author of Living on the Inside of the Edge
  • Devotional - April 2023
    16 avr., 19:30 UTC−5
    Zoom Meeting
    Join us to meet Rachel Spencer, a lifelong member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who spent most of her life in self described, “denial and suppression of her attraction to women”. Let's hear her story.
  • Devotional - March 2023
    19 mars, 15:09 UTC−5
    Zoom Meeting
    Dr. Kristine Coons will be sharing her personal experience and sharing advice of how to seek spiritual guidance to face fear and shame with faith and courage.
  • Jodie Coon - LGBTQ+ Mom and Ally
    19 févr., 18:30 UTC−7
    Zoom Meeting
    We will hear from Jodie Coon who has a gay son and started a support group in her ward.
  • Celebration of Progress for LGBTQ+ Inclusion
    11 déc. 2022, 18:30 UTC−7
    Zoom Meeting
    Come join our celebration of progress for LGBTQ+ Inclusion
  • Emmaus FHE  2022 November
    07 nov. 2022, 20:30 UTC−5
    Friends, you're invited to Emmaus FHE, on Monday, Nov. 7 (5:30 Pacific/6:30 Mountain/7:30 Central/8:30 Eastern). Brionne and Allan Carroll will be speaking.
  • LGBTQ Perspectives on October 2022 General Conference
    16 oct. 2022, 18:30 UTC−6
    Zoom Meeting
    Come and hear insights from LGBTQ+ members about the October 2022 General Conference.
  • Emmaus FHE
    03 oct. 2022, 20:30 UTC−4
    General Conference debrief
  • Emmaus Retreat 2022
    23 sept. 2022, 18:00 UTC−6 – 25 sept. 2022, 12:00 UTC−6
    Priv rd Coord: (40.548425,-111.420726), 3333 US-40, Heber City, UT 84032, USA
    How do LGBTQ+ members maintain their activity in the church? What is happening at local levels to foster ministry to LGBTQ+ members and their families? Join us to hear and discuss various answers to these questions.
  • Emmaus FHE
    07 sept. 2022, 20:30 UTC−4
    Join us each month for a gathering that is both church and radically LGBTQ affirming.
  • Wisdom From Our LGBTQ+ Youth
    21 août 2022, 18:30 UTC−6
    Zoom Meeting
    Please join us as we listen to voices and experiences of the younger members of the LDS LGBTQ+ community
  • Art That Inspires Us
    12 juin 2022, 18:30 UTC−6
    Zoom meeting
  • LGBTQ+ Suicide Prevention and Education
    15 mai 2022, 18:30 UTC−6
    Zoom meeting
  • LGBTQ+ Lessons from General Conference
    10 avr. 2022, 18:30 UTC−6
    Zoom meeting
  • Queer Perspectives on Divine Love
    20 févr. 2022, 18:30 UTC−7
    Zoom meeting
  • LGBTQ+ Voices: Our Favorite Scriptures
    16 janv. 2022, 18:30 UTC−7
    Zoom meeting
  • Emmaus Welcome Meeting
    17 oct. 2020, 09:00 UTC−7
    Zoom Meeting
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